What we are all about & What we expect

A Vixen adores a gentleman who feels comfortable with himself discussing the details of our initial meeting. When we first come together, I prefer to fall into the arms of a friend, rather than a stranger...


  • Before contacting your Preferred Vixen of choice you should know that she will expect you to be a kind and sweet gentleman that will treat her like a Lady at all times.
  • Please understand that rates are non-negotiable.
  • Once the appointment has been made, she will contact you to finalize any questions, directions and/or concerns you might have.
  • Upon meeting her, there should be no mentions of GIFTS as terms will have already been set prior to the meeting.
  • If you think you may want to extend the meeting longer than the agreed appointment, simply review her Rate information before the appointment to know what the additional GIFT will entail and be sure to resolve the difference quickly and discreetly by the end of the agreed upon time.
  • Please have your GIFT ready in an envelope and place it in clear view.
  • If you ask any lewd or suggestive questions upon entering her presence (e.g. What do I get for this fee?), the appointment will be immediately terminated and you will be promptly asked to leave.
  • Good hygiene is extremely important. We make sure that we are fresh and clean before every meet and require the same thing of you. If you ever need to freshen up please let your Preferred Model of choice know ahead of time that way we she can allow you to do so once you get there.
  • Avoid being “Tardy to the Party”. We understand that things happen and sometimes life gets in the way, but if you are running late or simply have to cancel an appointment please give your Preferred Model of choice the common courtesy to let her know. No Calls / No Shows will be disqualified from setting up future appointments with any of the Beautiful Vixen Models. We uphold this standard because it’s really not that much time that goes into calling to let her know you will be late and/or simply cannot make it to the appointment.


 The dance of seduction begins…   

Some things in life are meant to be savoured, why rush such an experience. Relax, enjoy, no clock watching needed here...